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How to clean your silver jewelry and brass jewelry?

Here are some tips for taking care of your ethnic jewelry in silver, brass or gold gilded or plated.

These tips will allow you to ensure daily care for your African and Indian tribal jewelry in solid silver or brass.

Find practical tips that are suitable for all of our original statement jewelry and help restore your Saajie ethnic jewelry to the shine and beauty it deserves.


Guarantee a long life for your jewelry!

Even though our earrings, necklaces or bracelets are durable, avoid contact with water, perfume, chemicals and cosmetics as much as possible. It is best to put on your Saajie tribal jewelry after your beauty treatment and take it off to go to the beach or swimming pool.

Just like us, our jewelry needs a rest, remember to take it off once in a while when you go to bed.

Lapis lazuli, moonstone, amethyst or labradorite etc ... are fine gemstones, they require a minimum of care to keep their original shine. Dust your Saajie ethnic jewelry with a soft cloth, soak it in a little lukewarm water with washing up liquid and clean it with a soft brush to remove dust.

Our small cotton pouches lined with silk, recovered from offcuts from Indian sarees, are the allies of your chic ethnic jewelry. They protect them from light and humidity. Consider them when you are not wearing your silver or brass jewelry or when traveling to protect your precious Saajie tribal jewelry.


How to maintain silver jewelry?


Saajie silver ethnic jewelry is made from 925 silver and has the warranty hallmarks as well as the regulatory hallmark issued by customs.

It is common for silver jewelry to oxidize and blacken over time. Silver is a metal that tarnishes over time: unfortunately, this is inevitable. It is difficult, if not impossible, to predict how long a silver jewel will take to tarnish. Many things come into play, including the acidity of the wearer's skin.

Clean your pair of unusual silver earrings or your favorite silver statement necklace from the ethnic jewelry brand Saajie regularly with a small chamois or a microfiber cloth and do not hesitate to use from time to time a product suitable for the cleaning of silver found in supermarkets or online, as you would maintain a silverware service.


How to maintain brass jewelry?


Have you just purchased an ethnic necklace, a bracelet or a pair of Saajie brass earrings? But voila, you are afraid that your ethnic jewelry will change color over time: do not panic !!!

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which has a yellow tint that may remind you of gold, it becomes more matt over time which gives it a vintage appearance. Brass is a metal that needs more care than silver or gold to stay beautiful and shiny in all circumstances.

This metal tends to darken or tarnish on contact with the skin or simply with the ambient air. The heat, humidity and especially the acidity of the skin can speed up the process, especially if you wear your tribal necklace or statement earrings regularly. Oxidation is a normal phenomenon and on the surface, it is possible to restore your Saajie tribal jewelry to its original shine.

Here are our tips for maintaining your brass jewelry:

  • Wipe your ethnic chic jewelry with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth and store it carefully in the cotton and silk pouch provided. Avoid leaving it in the open air or in a place that is too humid.
  • Gently clean your Saajie ethnic jewelry with a cloth soaked in a special brass or copper cleaner & polish available on the market, then carefully remove the product with another damp cloth.
  • Rub your jewelry with a dab of toothpaste. Moisten gradually with soapy water and rinse generously and dry


How to maintain brass jewelry gold gilded or gold plated?

Our Tribal jewelry in brass gilded with fine gold is covered with a layer of 18 karat gold 1 micron thick. The gold layer will naturally thin out over time and come off if the jewel is worn a lot, especially on areas in contact with skin and clothing.

To clean your Saajie gold plated ethnic jewelry, you need a gentler treatment than for brass. A cotton ball soaked in a window cleaner, for example, and rinsed with water.

When the gold layer is completely gone, you can clean your jewelry as you do for brass ones. If the "gold" side is important to you, the only way to recover it is to have the jewel re-adorned.

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